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Started from manufacturing Knitted Jacquard Acrylic Football Scarf and Knitted Jacquard Acrylic Hat, cooperating with partner factories, now Keying International Co.,Ltd can make and supply all kind of sports fan related items and gifts for clients from all over the world.
We are focus on manufacturing items for Teams Clubs, Fans, Stores, Brands and Campaigns.
With proficiency, excellent quality, reasonable price, and timely delivery, we gain our sound reputation in this field.
No matter for big brand corporations or for small clubs and stores, we always provide the most satisfy services for every customers.
This is our consistent original purpose.
We are dealing with all kinds of football scarf, such as knitted jacquard acrylic football scarf, tatted jacquard acrylic football scarf and printed polyester football scarf; all kinds of flags, such as national flag, ad flag, car flag, hand flag, table flag, desk flag, sublimation printed flag, banners and pennants; all kinds of caps and hats, such as baseball cap, knitted acrylic hat, acrylic beanie, jester hat, carnival hat and funny hat; all kinds of cheerleading equipments, such as horns, cheering sticks and hand clappers; different materials Soccer Balls and all sizes of Soccer Balls; football fan Wigs; Sweat Wristbands and Sweat Headbands; football fan Cushions and Pillows; Soccer Jersey and Shorts; Basketball Jerseys; Soccer Jackets; Beach Towels; Bandanas; Sports Sock; Football Stocking; Sports Bag; Mugs and Cups; Key chains and Key rings; Pins and Badges; Embroidery Patches; Lanyards; National Flag Neckties; Football Fans Face Paint; Sports Bottles and other sports related gifts. Our product series are continuously growing up to follow the football and sports fashion. Directly convenient service are our advantage.
Armed with professional knowledge, we always here serve every clients and take care of every orders heart and soul. According to the different requests from customers, we can provide the most satisfying products and highest competitive price. Please contact us as you need. And we are so glad to serve you whenever and wherever.
Hope we can become your friend and ideal cooperation partner.
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